ARO welcomes Emirates Breeders Programme Sponsorship

The Arabian Racing Organisation (ARO) was thrilled to confirm today that the Emirates Breeders Programme, backed by the UAE Ministry of Presidential Affairs, will be coming to the UK for the first time. The programme of five races caters for a range of abilities from novice through to top level handicappers and will visit both Chelmsford City and Wolverhampton racecourses in October and November.

Genny Haynes, ARO Commercial and Finance Director was delighted commenting. “We were excited to learn that the Emirates Breeders Programme will be coming to the UK, as the races that they have sponsored in Europe have always been popular with our trainers. We thank the UAE Ministry of Presidential Affairs for their generous support of Arabian racing worldwide.

“The addition of these races to our calendar will be well received by our participants who have been extremely patient, and we thank them for their support during this challenging time. We also thank the British Horseracing Authority, Chelmsford City and Wolverhampton racecourses, for their support and assistance so that we may provide opportunities to race at all levels in 2020.

“ARO remains committed to keeping all its’ registered participants informed of updates to UK Arabian racing as soon as they are available.”

Source: Arabian Racing Organisation (ARO)


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