CEI1* 100 km
25th of September 2021



Erkan Demir riding Draguna

Denis Furlanski riding Pompey

Rumyana Chobanova riding Dzhaz

Winners individual
First - ERKAN DEMIR (TUR) riding Draguna - 05:43:31 - 17,466 km/h
Second - DENIS FURLANSKI (BUL) - 05:43:42 - 17,457 km/h
Third - RUMYANA CHOBANOVA (BUL) - 05:59:14 - 16,702 km/h

Turkey Team

Romania Team

Winners team
Turkey – first
Romania – second

Organizer – Shagya Sports Club
Venue – Buftea City, County Ilfov ( near Bucharest, the capital city of Romania)
Honorary President – Hubert Petru Stefan Thuma, President of the Ilfov County Council
President of the event – Viorel Dabija
This event was organized under FEI rules and regulations
Entries countries
Bulgaria ( 7 riders), Greece (5 riders), Romania (7 riders) and Turkey (8 riders)
5 riders for team 3 riders for individual

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